How does practicing T'ai Chi Feel? It feels something like this.....

Rising Phoenix T'ai Chi / Shoulders Down, Inc. 

You Are the Motion 

By Cate Morrill 

A white crane spreads its wings, a snake creeps down in the grass. 

A golden rooster stands on one leg, a jade phoenix nods its head. 

But you are not the observer, standing idly by, watching these beautiful movements in nature. 

You are performing them, creating them, feeling their energy, your “inner-chi.” 

You are taking in each breath with purpose, intention, 

filling yourself with a lightness, 

while opening your energy paths so the chi will flow freely. 

You are finding relaxation in powerful movements, 

and strength in yielding. 

You are experiencing the invigorating balance of Yin and Yang, the fluidity of balanced motion,

the peacefulness of a still mind,

and the joy of newly discovered sensations. 

 You are the instrument of this choreography, 

and the benefactor as well. 

You are also often laughing, shaking like a snake and 

mimicking a monkey. 

You are connected to the universe with the 

Golden Thread. 

You are in T’ai Chi class. 

Somewhere near, a 

Phoenix Rises