Wu Dang Primordial Qi Gong Set One

Shoulders Down, Inc. and Rising Phoenix T'ai Chi invite you to special Qi Gong and T'ai Chi workshops!

The following workshop has begun and is full, but new ones will be coming soon using the ZOOM format!  

This series in progress is detailed below, as an example for you. 

Mondays, July 12, 19, and August 2, 9, 2021 
2:00PM to 3:00PM EDT

Cate Morrill is the certified teacher for this set. 

To register, please email your intention as “Yes, Prim 1” in the subject to: admin@shouldersdown.com (Though this workshop is full, you may certainly email to that address to be on an announcement list for new workshops and classes!)


These classes will help advanced students, beginners, and brand new attendees to boost and restore original qi, the elixir of vitality! Primordial means united with the cosmos as one, and this set will bring your attention to your inner-qi, your own powerful energy base, and help you open and connect with the universal energy around you. Though the entire set consists of 12 movements, we'll break it down and share the deep work and details with just a few moves in each class, for ease of understanding and to help with memory. It is best to attend each class in order to deeply cover the full program of work. These are easily performed, non-strenuous, meditative movements adaptable for seated work.  Discussion of the meridian fields and breath work will also be shared. This set provides focus and clarity for the mind while engaging the body with gentle, flowing movements, and allows the spirit to settle and relax, while filling with joy! Taught by Cate Morrill, Certified Wu Dang Qi Gong Instructor.  Registration ends Friday, July 10th.

The link to the classes will be emailed prior to each class for those who register. 

TO REGISTER, PLEASE send an email to admin@shouldersdown.com with “Yes, Prim 1”  IN THE SUBJECT LINE. 

Registration is complete when payment is received, payment must be received by Saturday, July 10th,  unless other provisions are made. Payment for the workshop includes attendance, set list, notes, and individual support in movement flow and attention to any needed personal modification and detail. The fee for this workshop series is one payment of $80. 

Refunds are available for the full series only, with notice, before the series begins (emergency or other exceptions are generally considered as needed).


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Workshop on Zoom held Mondays, July 12, 19 and August 2, 9. 2:00 - 3:00pm EDT. Refunds are available for the full series only, with notice, and with non-attendance of any portion of the series (emergency or other exceptions are generally available as needed).

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If you'd prefer, payment may be made in other ways: 

1) You may pay through your bank using Zelle. Please note that you are paying for the Primordial One workshop! When you set up the Zelle process, it will request an email address which is linked to our account. That's how it identifies where to send the payment. Please use payment@shouldersdown.com  (This is NOT an active link here, it must be put into the Zelle information through your bank.) 

2) You may pay by check. Please include that you are paying for the Primordial One workshop and please mail your check so that we receive it asap, remembering that the postal service has had some setbacks, and the delivery is now slowed in our area to five or more days for regular mail, generally. 

There is extra admin time needed for late payment processing, thank you for understanding. 

Please make your check to 'Shoulders Down' and mail to: 
Shoulders Down Suite 002 
1083 Austin Ave. NE 
Atlanta, Ga. 30307 

(Note: There is a $50 administrative charge for a returned check, in addition to bank charges. There is a $25 administrative charge if we need to return your check to you for incomplete or incorrect information. We are sorry to need to address this, but it takes extra time for us to handle improperly filled checks during these unusual times. Please proof your check before sending to us, thank you! )