Testimonials from our students


"I couldn't walk fast or run any more due to knee pain. I have gone back to running again and my knees are doing great!" 

"This work has changed so many aspects of my life, physically, emotionally..." 

"I can focus on the feeling of the movements and the energy when I am stressed at work, and I am then more productive and effective." 

"I have learned to relax when I want, get full of energy when I want, and share that great balance with my family." 

"My restless leg syndrome has stopped completely!" 

"I was practicing in line at the bank, it helped with back strain." 

"I did T'ai Chi walk downhill on slippery driveway and did not slip." 

"I am feeling so much more flexible." 

"I have better balance and awareness of movement." 

"Most times I remember “shoulders down” to relieve stress." 

"My back feels better, balance is better, all around, I feel like a new me!" 

"Usually I practice in the morning, and I can tell my legs are getting stronger." 

"Very helpful for calmng and relaxing flexibility." 

"Thank you, thank you thank you. Love how I feel after this workout. 68 years old and feel so much more balanced and flexible now. It also makes me feel proud each day after I complete your work out. I love the gracefulness of T'ai Chi and the affirmations at the end." 

 "I needed to find this!! Thank you!! AAHHh." 

"I work for an assisted living and memory care facility and this is so very inclusive and easy to follow. I really appreciate the work you do." 

 "Tai Chi is new for me. I feel invigorated and energized and ready to take on my day! I will recommend this!!" 

"This was so fun, thank you! Love how gentle it is on my joints." 

"I really enjoy this class, no pressure. Relaxing and gentle stretching. Your voice is amazing encouraging and so friendly." 

"Absolutely brilliant first introduction, thank you from Worcestershire, UK." 

"I’m new to this and suffer from nerve damage this helps me thank you so much , I owe you a hug." 

"Wow; I've been practicing t'ai chi for years now- recovering from leg being crushed for 2nd time - searched for seated t'ai chi; and so glad I found your class! Your teaching is powerfully soothing to my mind, body, and spirit. Thank you so very much for this. As I needed it." 

"Easy, encouraging and relaxing. Thank you so much." 

"Many kind thanks!!! This is excellent for me as I've had physical therapy for rotator cuff problems and frozen shoulder in the past two years. I've been looking for something easy like this to help me as I continue to do PT exercises at home. Your video has immediately helped me with my shoulder pain and range of motion in both shoulders!" 

"Great program. Perfect for anyone with limited mobility that wishes to improve their Life. Gentle movements. Breathing. Getting the Chi moving." 

"Very nice. Gentle and safe exercise. I like it. Got to do it myself to feel better and on to better health." 

"This is an EXCELLENT class!!! I direct activities at a senior community. Thank you so much for considering those who need to be seated during exercises. I will personally promote this class to other activity directors. Thank you so much!" 

"Hi thanks again for your class. The best that I have felt in a long time, on day 14 already. Big difference. Thank you for your explanation. Many blessings again. This has helped me relax even more."