Atlanta Studio General information 

Welcome to our studio! 

This information is for classes held at our studio in the Inman Park neighborhood of Atlanta. We are located in Suite 002 at 1083 Austin Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia, 30307.  Registration is required before visiting our studio. Please click to email us: .

These are classes in traditional qi gong and t’ai chi taught in a relaxed and casual manner.  All of the moves are taught in detail and at a pace all can follow.  Classes are kept to the enrollment that will allow comfortable space for each student as well as to allow for individual attention.  Sets of moves are taught so that the student will have a series of moves to perform at home for practice and to “keep” and use forever to improve health. 

In the Studio, Policies, Amenities, a Few Logistics 

Please remove your shoes upon entering 
We have newly refurbished this space, and have added comfortable padded carpet.  Practicing t’ai chi on carpet requires slightly better balance than on a hard floor, so greater leg strength and balance coordination is developed.  Softer surfaces are easier on the knees and spine, and provide us with the opportunity to practice barefooted, or in stocking feet, which also helps develop the muscles in the legs, feet and ankles.  In order to keep this surface fresh and clean for all of us, we have implemented a “no street shoes” policy in the studio. There is a shoe rack directly inside the studio door, and you are requested to remove your shoes at that point.  Feel free to wear socks, go barefooted, or bring “studio shoes” of your choosing, which should have a smooth sole for easy movement on the carpet.  These shoes can be of any type, but just worn in the studio and not on the street. 

If you wear orthotic or corrective shoes or have certain footwear needs, you are, of course, exempt from this request. 

Have some tea 
We provide teas for your enjoyment before and during class, and we have installed a “drinks shelf” along the studio walls.   You are also welcome to bring any drinks with you.  We request that there be no food in the studio, except for specific dietary needs, such as for those of diabetics. 

Arrival times 
We will be at the studio approximately 10-15 minutes before class starts.  Feel free to come and settle in, ask questions, have some tea.  Please try to arrive on time for classes, as we will begin at the designated times, but do not fret about being late on occasion; still come to class, and relax. 

We are located at the corner of Euclid and Austin Avenues in Inman Park/Little 5 Points, address above. We are located just downstairs from the Horizon Theatre.  There is well lighted parking behind the building.  Please park there and enter through the door in the center of the building.  There is a slight ramp down once you enter.  Continue straight ahead and you will see our door.  Suite 002. 

We look forward to seeing you!  Please email us with any questions or concerns, and we will be happy to address any issue.  Thank you and Great Chi!