Creating Health-Combining the Best for Spirit, Mind, and Body

This program is designed to help you create your healthiest self! 

Our Mission:

A note from Cate Morrill: 

When I began studying and learning about t'ai chi and qi gong 30 years ago, it was to make a healthful change in my body, mind and spirit. Then when I started teaching, it was to continue my path and to help others with those goals as well. When I started studying nutrition, also 30 years ago, and combined it with the t'ai chi and qi gong practices, everything really came into focus for me.  I lost 40 pounds in 4 months, and I gained so much energy and focus that my friends started calling me the “energizer bunny”! 

Many of our students and friends have asked about, or commented on, my weight loss and that of my friend and teacher, Kathy Sheahan as well.  They noted we have a great time, are full of energy, and asked, "How did you do this?" Creating Health (tm) means a lot to us, so I am providing this info for those of you interested in Creating Health for yourself. We have taught this in Atlanta, and around the country. 

*******Spots are limited for our workshops. Please click here to email us for the full info and the flyer which will tell you of the basics and logistics of upcoming workshops, but please read below for more info. 

If you or a friend or family member would benefit, now is the time to think about this. And if weight is not your issue, you may wish to increase energy and reduce stress and build a better, healthier body through nutrition and very basic and easy Qi Gong and T’ai Chi sets and principles. 

"Nothing Tastes as Good as Fit Feels" 

Ask yourself... 

*****Have you or has someone you know "tried everything" to lose weight or get fit and healthy?  Do you often wish you were in a healthier, more stress free body, but just "can't do it because...I am too busy ... I take steroids or medicines that hold weight on ... it's too much work ... I don't want to deprive myself ... I cook for my whole family ... I don't have time to cook ... I don't like to cook ... I eat out a lot ... I'm on the road ... I can't be bothered ... I don’t believe in diets" 

*****You are correct that "diets" don’t usually work, that it is often more stressful to "try" to lose weight or get healthy, that's why we have researched and practiced and found the simplest, easiest methods and selected information to help you get to your goals. All of these methods are endorsed by major health programs, and are a supported by scientific documentation. Nothing strange or unusual here, simply the simplest ways to help you eat for nutrition, pleasure and success! 

NO concoctions to buy, no "diet supplements"---Just a few easy to follow principles will get you there.  All you need is the desire to make it happen, and to follow the outline, which is soooo easy, even I did it! We will show you how, and help you with your individual needs, desires, food preferences and goals! Often, just a few pieces of information reveal your own trip-ups and solutions—we’ll help you find those and create the plan for YOUR own benefit! 

*****Kathy S. RN (ret) says “I lost 32 pounds with ease” and she regularly calls me with gleeful statements like “I love my new energy, and my new way of moving, so fluid and easy” and “I can’t believe the ease of this plan, the way we eat is so yummy and soooo satisfying, and soooo simple!” 

See how easy losing weight and getting healthy can be! 

Do you know that a woman's waist size of more than 35/40 inches increases the risk of several diseases, including diabetes, heart attack, stroke, some cancers, and more?  Not to mention the stress on knees and joints. Did you know that "Close to two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese, an almost 50 percent increase from 30 years ago," according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Or that a body mass index of over 25 is overweight, and over 30 is obese. Did you know that the ratio of wait to hips is a keen indicator for those who may be at risks for heart and other diseases?  Click here to check your BMI, no, it’s not the end all and be all number, just a really good indicator of a healthy weight, and then remember--- help is here to help you achieve your goals, and this path WORKS.  Those of you who know me, you know I will not ever promote or encourage you to take a class or program that I do not believe in 100% and believe is good for you! 

Are you going to the gym, or to a women's fitness program and not seeing the weight just drop off?  Are you ready for a lifestyle that does not mean hard workouts for little gain, but rather combines EASY healthy eating habits with gentle, moderate activity, and reduces stress, builds energy and creates the YOU that you want and deserve? Those who follow this plan lose an average of 5-10 pounds per month and are never hungry, can eat treats when they wish (within reason, of course), and actually have a reduced desire for unhealthy foods. They have lower blood pressure, lower risk for other diseases, less pain from arthritis and have much more energy for dancing, playing, hiking, and other activities, sleep better and just feel better all around! And this way of eating is less expensive, too! 

From one of my friends who applied only a few of the principles: “Okay, I really think this is amazing, with just a few of these tips, I have lost weight without any trouble, feel so much better, do NOT feel deprived…just a couple of your tips really were the key for me.” I was at a party just the other night, and one of HER friends was telling me how my friend was passing the word along and praising this system! 

That’s why our class size is kept very small, for the personalized attention to each individual situation. All of the medical information and reference materials provided in our workshop are from reputable scientific sources.  A FREE DVD of the Qi Gong movements in this program is provided for all attendees! Follow-up options are also available. This workshop is about health and well-being, developing very easy-to-follow and healthy habits, filling your body with the nutrition it needs, and if losing weight is one of your goals, that can happen, too. 

To register for our next workshop, just click here to email us. Space is limited, only a few spots will be offered. 

Say, "hello" to your healthiest self!