Kathy Sheahan

Certified Level 3 Movement Improvement Instructor, Qi Gong Instructor,  T'ai Chi 24 Instructor. 





During her active role as a Registered Nurse, she  had such  responsibilities and duties as being a nurse reviewer, a patient management supervisor, an adult medical/surgical case manager, a home services case manager, a home/health hospice discharge planner, and more. Kathy brings her extensive health care abilities and knowledge to her work, and is also our go-to for the deepest medical questions asked by our students. 

We are delighted to have Kathy Sheahan teaching our Movement Improvement classes and Rising Phoenix T'ai Chi classes in Portland!  She is a Registered Nurse (ret.) and has spent her life working to help others stay healthy or become healthy, and grow as they wish. Kathy trained with us in Atlanta extensively,  and, upon moving back to Oregon, now teaches our work in various locations.  She continues  her training in private sessions with Cate Morrill, and teaches with Cate in many seminars, nation-wide

Kathy  assisted in classes in Atlanta in T'ai Chi 24 and  Qi Gong and led classes in Movement Improvement T'ai Chi before moving to  Portland, Oregon where she now teaches classes in all of the disciplines. She has assisted in Qi Gong workshops and Movement Improvement T'ai Chi Teacher Training Sessions, as well as other major seminars and programs. She brings an incredible amount of dedication and joy to her work!  She has assisted and taught classes for the Visually Impaired, Senior Citizens, and others, and leads many sessions . Her patience and caring are very evident as she teaches students the basics as well as the details, and everyone feels at ease!  We are honored and happy to have Kathy teaching with us