Programs overview

Here are some of our most popular classes! 

  • T'ai Chi for health, fitness, and longevity”- for individuals and the general poplulation or special groups: T’ai Chi and Qi Gong principles, and 24 Movement T'ai Chi Form. This class is taught in our studio or at your location. Emphasizes breathing, stretching, classic T’ai Chi and Qi Gong for health and longevity.   (Click T'ai Chi classes for schedule)

  • "Movement Improvement T'ai Chi" Classes: "Get up and Go!"-- Adapted T'ai Chi classes focusing on the basics for those with Parkinson's, Seniors, or those with balance and movement challenges.  Taught online, in our Atlanta studio or on-site at colleges, Senior  Centers, retirement communities. Movements can be performed seated or standing. Emphasizes balance, strength, rejuvenation, and health issues of Seniors or those with other special physical needs.  (Click Movement Improvement Classes for Schedule)

  • "Shoulders Down" Classes:  "Shoulders down, energy UP"--corporate on-site and public in-studio group classes, seminars and workshops to help employees create a healthy body, reduce effects of stress, restore and reinvigorate energy, and maintain a fresh and focused mind.  Exercises that can be practiced in small segments throughout the day are taught, as well as breathing techniques and movements for a "quick refresher" whenever desired.  Emphasizes stress reduction, health, and fitness.

  • "Creating Health" -- "Let go of that which you do not need, add that which you do."   For balancing weight, stress management, eating for health, exercising effectively with gentle, yet strengthening movements, and using all of these to create a healthy mind, body and spirit.  For those who wish to live in a healthy, energized and positive manner. 

  • "Special Classes for Special People"--“T’ai Chi for Every Body, Every Day" specially designed classes for Special populations on-site, such as for those students with  visual impairments,  hearing impairments, physical challenges, those with head injury  or stroke patients,  Parkinson's Disease, and others. Emphasizes restoration, rejuvenation, rehabilitation. 

  • "Boundless Chi ” --classes to boost your "ener-chi", emphasizing strength, aerobic and cardio functions, or flexibility, or weight control. 

  • Flying Dragon" Classes:   "Let's play!"--Youth classes on-site at schools, or in the studio. Emphasizing cardio/respiratory/overall fitness, weight control, encouraging a love of exercise and the good feelings which it can foster: self esteem, achievement, strength and health.

  • Meditation Classes:  “Let go of the 10,000 things…”—for adults, on-site or in the studio.  Emphasizes meditation techniques for health and longevity, calmness of mind, body, spirit.

  • Teaching the Teacher:  Movement Improvement T'ai Chi"Sharing the Knowledge"--These special programs are designed to train community members and other health care professionals to use " Movement Improvement Method T'ai Chi"  for Balance and Mobility" in special populations. We teach the seminars at our studio or at off-site locations, around the city and across the country, as requested. 

We also provide T'ai Chi Demonstrations and Workshops at your location.   Please click here to email us for more information.